Henriette Luise von Hayn, 1724-1782

Translated from German to English by Frederick W. Forster, 1760-1835

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:27

In searching for a hymn with the word "leap" in it for today's hymn devotional, I came across this little known hymn by a German composer. Henriette L. von Hayn was the daughter of Georg Heinrich von Hayn, master of the hounds to the Duke of Nassau. In 1746, she was formally received into the Moravian community at Herrnhaag. There, and after the dissolution of that community, at Grosshennersdorf, and after 1751 at Herrnhut, she taught at the Girls’ School; after 1766 she cared for the invalid sisters of the community. Much of her life's work was in tending and encouraging "the flock".

Von Hayn was a gifted hymnist. Over 40 hymns or portions of hymns by her were included in the Brüder Gesangbuch of 1778. The two hymns found at the Cyber Hymnal site were both of pastoral themes. I have had a love of sheep for many years, and in fact my personal testimony is "sheep themed".

Jesus makes my heart rejoice,
I’m His sheep, and know His voice;
He’s a Shepherd, kind and gracious,
And His pastures are delicious;
Constant love to me He shows,
Yea, my very name He knows.

Trusting His mild staff always,
I go in and out in peace;
He will feed me with treasure
Of His grace in richest measure;
When athirst to Him I cry,
Living water He’ll supply.

Should not I for gladness leap,
Led by Jesus as His sheep?
For when these blest days are over,
To the arms of my dear Savior
I shall be conveyed to rest:
Amen, yea, my lot is blest.

*For Today*: Psalm 23; Isaiah 40:11; John 10:14-16 & 27

Do you know the joys of being one of the Shepherd's own sheep? He knows His own by name! He takes care of us, tenderly leading those who are with young. Let us make a point of bring more into the fold this year.

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